iOS Installation Instructions

1) Download the IPA (iPhone Application, but also works on an iPad) from this link;

2) Save the IPA to Downloads or somewhere else appropriate

2a) Don’t do this

3) If you try to open the App from the browser download area you will get the following message, so don’t do that!

4) Once downloaded, find the App in the finder and ctrl click to open the App, which will result in this dialog.

You are seeing this because we are currently only distributing Global Dance Card for iOS in a very limited way. This is completely safe and we are using an approved Apple Enterprise certificate – please ask Leigh Adams if you’d like reassurance.

We expect to have the app available in the App Store to download in the usual way very soon.

5) Click open to install the App into iTunes.

6) Open iTunes and connect your phone to your computer and then drag the GDC App to your iPhone icon.

7) When the App has installed on the phone open the settings on your iphone and  go to General/Profiles & Device Management/Salus Joy Ltd and hit “Trust Salus Joy Ltd”

8) You will now be able to use the App.